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Laboratory Reverse Osmosis Plant Water Plant RO System 10L To 80L

Laboratory Reverse Osmosis Plant Water Plant RO System 10L To 80L

10L ro plant system

water plant RO system 80L

Laboratory reverse osmosis plant

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Product Details
Product Name:
Laboratory Ultrapure Water Making Equipment
Material Of Housing:
Anti-corrosive Carbon Steel Or Stainless Steel
Place Of Origin:
Core Components:
Pump, Bearing, PLC, Membrane
After Warranty Service:
Video Technical Support, Online Support, Field Maintenance A
Applicable Industries:
Medical Laboratory, Small Laboratory, Scientific Research Department
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Please send inquiry
Packaging Details
Customized wooden case/shelf
Delivery Time
7~45 Days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
1000 Sets /Month
Product Description

10~80 liters per hour Laboratory ultrapure water treatment equipment




Item Name Laboratory ultrapure water making equipment
Brand name LDL-10-80lph
operating weight 60kg
Overall dimensions L*W*H=48*31*60CM
Voltage 220V/50W/ Customized
Warranty 1 Year
After-sales Service Provided Video technical support, Online support
Material SUS304

Medical laboratory, small laboratory, scientific research department

MOQ 1 set
Control mode Full-automatic
Inlet water quality

Groundwater, surface water, urban tap water




Function Introduction

Laboratory ultrapure water equipment, simply said, is used in the laboratory to produce ultrapure water for experiments.


Because different experiments have different requirements for water quality, laboratory ultrapure water equipment should also be able to produce a variety of different specifications of ultrapure water or ultrapure water.


1) Application Introduction

It is the starting point of the whole pure water system of the laboratory to prepare enough pure water that conforms to the specific water quality required by the laboratory. The amount of pure water used in a laboratory can vary from a few liters to thousands of liters per day. The first thing to consider in the design place is to determine the water consumption and pure water quality required by each user and each instrument every day, as well as the rules of water use. The Pure water design department can then calculate the total daily and peak water consumption for the entire laboratory.

2) Quartz Sand Filter
It uses quartz sand as filter medium, effectively intercept to remove the suspended solids in the water, organic matter, colloid particles, microorganism, chlorine, smelling and some heavy metal ions, etc., finally to reduce water turbidity, purify water quality.

3) Activated Carbon Filter
activated carbon is used for both removing organic constituents and residual disinfectants (such as chlorine and chloramines) from water. We make media always by coconut shell which is the best quality media.
Activated carbon filter can effectively remove color, odor, residual chlorine, organic matter and heavy metals, synthetic detergent, such as bacteria, viruses and radioactive pollution.

4) Water Softener
A water softener can be used to help prevent scaling in an RO system by exchanging scale forming ions with non scale forming ions. As with a MMF unit, it is important to have a 5 micron cartridge filter placed directly after the water softener in the event that the under drains of the softener fail.
Water softener is used to remove calcium and magnesium, and some other metal cations in the hard water.


5) Precision Filter

Precision filter (also known as the security filter), the shell is generally made of stainless steel, and the interior uses PP melt-blowout, wire burning, folding, titanium filter element, activated carbon filter element and other tubular filter element as the filter element. Different filter elements are selected according to different filter media and design process, in order to meet the requirements of water quality.

6) Reverse Osmosis System (RO)

Reverse osmosis membrane is a kind of artificial semi-permeable membrane which simulates biological semi-permeable membrane and is the core component of reverse osmosis technology. Reverse osmosis technology principle is higher than the osmotic pressure of the solution, according to other substances can not pass through the semi-permeable membrane and these substances and water away. The membrane aperture of reverse osmosis membrane is very small, so it can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloid, microorganisms, organic matter and so on. The system has the advantages of good water quality, low energy consumption, no pollution, simple technology and easy operation.


Flow Chart


Laboratory Reverse Osmosis Plant Water Plant RO System 10L To 80L 0


Laboratory Reverse Osmosis Plant Water Plant RO System 10L To 80L 1

Laboratory Reverse Osmosis Plant Water Plant RO System 10L To 80L 2

Laboratory Reverse Osmosis Plant Water Plant RO System 10L To 80L 3


1) Timely delivery,considerate sales after service

2) Many years quality warranty,OEM service.

3) Top craftmanship, All products 100% tested

4) Preferential freight by Famous shipping company

5) New design,very popular, suitable style products recommendation for your local market.


After-sales Service

1) Starting from the date of the equipment installation is complete, free warranty for 12 months, overseas projects since the factory warranty from the date of 18 months

2) Warranty period of product problems, the seller free of charge and is responsible for transport costs

3) If the buyer need to on-site service, both sides talks things over solve.

4) Man-made or natural disaster damage caused by the seller to provide free telephone support, for service, the seller may be appropriate to charge the cost

5) If you need to extend the warranty period, the two sides resolved through consultation.








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