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250LPH Reverse Osmosis EDI Water Treatment Plant For Laboratory

250LPH Reverse Osmosis EDI Water Treatment Plant For Laboratory

Reverse Osmosis EDI Water Treatment Plant

250LPH EDI Water Treatment Plant

EDI Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

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EDI Water Treatment Plant
Ultra Pure Water Treatment System
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250LPH Reverse Osmosis EDI Water Treatment Plant For Laboratory



Reverse Osmosis Ro System Water Features


High precision filter with nanometer pore size and the best water quality, automatic switching of manual / electric control system; With self inspection function, automatic boiling water system without water point, full water stop, no pressure protection and other safety devices; Turn on the automatic cleaning of RO membrane and the automatic double cleaning of water tank, which can prolong the service life of RO membrane; It has the functions of water quality online monitoring (conductivity display), flow and pressure online display; Equipment integration, simple installation and operation, no need for special personnel; Equipment failure has automatic alarm function;



Core components (pump, reverse osmosis membrane, electric control system, etc.) are imported / domestic joint venture brands; The equipment frame is made of stainless steel, the low-pressure pipe is made of UPVC, and the high-pressure pipe is made of SUS304 stainless steel.




Configuration list
Configuration Material SPEC Brand
Tank FRP /SS 844/725/1065etc Domestic/Pentair etc.
Value / Auto/Manual Domestic/Pentair etc
Filter quartz sand 20-80 mesh Domestic
Active Carbon 600-1100Mg/g Domestic
Resin   Domestic PUROLITE,Rohm Hass
Ro membrance Cellulose acetate membrane,element 1812/2521/2540,4040/8040 etc.. VONTRON/DOW,HYDRANAUTIC/Dongli
Controlling System / PLC ,Maunal,Electric control Domestic,Siemens
Pipe/Value Upvc/ss304/ss316 DN15-DN150 Domestic
Pump SS/Iron/Copper   CNP,Grundfos
Optional Customize the design according to the customer's URS
Application Drinking, cleaning, beverage, industrial and mining enterprises and so on.


What is ro plant?


RO device is the raw water of precision filter, particle activated sand filter, activated carbon filter, compression, and then through the pressure pump, use the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane with the pore size of 1 / 10000 micron to produce water with relatively high concentration to low concentration. At the same time, it is mixed with a large number of industrial pollutants, fully isolate heavy metals in the water, bacteria, viruses and other impurities, and meet the physical and chemical indicators required by drinking water and sanitary standards, Clean purified water is the best choice to supplement the human body with the output water quality. It is the key equipment of pure water plant.


What is EDI?

Electrodialysis technology and ion exchange technology, through the cation, anion membrane on the choice of positive and negative ions through the role of ion exchange resin on the exchange of ions in the water under the action of the electric field to achieve the migration of ions in the water, which can achieve a deep water purification desalination, and through the water electrolysis of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions on the packaging resin for continuous regeneration.


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